Terms and Conditions


Acceptance of an invoice is acceptance of the following terms and conditions –

1. Quotations supplied to you by Just Clear will remain valid for a 30 day period only. Quoted prices may change if any of the following situations should occur:

1a) Your estimated size of your job load requirement is found to be in excess of your original estimation, or extra items not mentioned by you for the purpose of our quotation procedure have subsequently been added by you. In this instance additional charges may be incurred for this unexpected time and labour cost to Just Clear.

1b) Additional time is required to complete the quoted task due to the original information supplied by you for the quotation being inadequate and/or differing from the actual scope of the task presented to Just Clear on the day of job.

1c) Property access is inadequate requiring additional work to be undertaken by Just Clear, or slower progress than anticipated in order to complete the task safely and professionally.

1d) You are responsible for delays, either known or unforeseen, which cause additional time to be required in order for Just Clear to complete the task.

1e) You are responsible for wasted journeys made by Just Clear due to your failure to attend an arranged appointment.

2. Travel time to and from location is to be included in your quote.

3. Hazardous material MUST NOT BE INCLUDED with your waste. Just Clear WILL NOT remove asbestos or any highly flammable, explosive or toxic material that you may have mixed with your rubbish.

4. Just Clear shall not be liable for any damage, loss, injury or death arising from the direct instructions given and instructed by you to Just Clear regarding the removal of items.


1. You will pay the amount specified on the agreed quote either prior to or upon the completion of work onsite. We accept cash and bank transfer payments (please provide a copy of your transfer receipt). Depending upon the nature of the work, in some instances we may require a deposit prior to the commencement of work.


While Just Clear takes great care in preparing information and maintaining this website you accept that this website may include type errors and technical inaccuracies. This website content is subject to change from time to time so at the time of viewing it may not be accurate. We do our utmost to make relevant changes and updates as the need arises.


1. Any subject matter or accessible information contained on http://www.justclear.com.au or any advertising material is protected by copyright and remains the sole property of Just Clear.

2. Just Clear may grant visitors to it’s website permission to download and/or display copyright material however permission must be sought from the copyright owners prior to so doing.

3. In the event that such permission is granted at any point in time, said permission will be subject to the requirement that the copyright/intellectual property owner’s name and interests be acknowledged and displayed on all material.